08 Oct 2022

EACTS General Assembly 2022

We are delighted to welcome new Officers and Councillors to the EACTS Council following yesterday’s EACTS General Assembly.
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The following positions were announced 

Franca Melfi – Vice President

“For me it is a great honour to become Vice President of this society. EACTS was the first scientific society that I joined – back in 1998. I am looking forward to promoting EACTS membership, including to thoracic surgeons, to highlight the importance of supporting women and men into leadership roles, and making EACTS a home for technological advances and innovation.”

Filip Casselman – Acquired Cardiac Disease Domain Chair

“I am delighted to be leading the Acquired Cardiac Disease Domain and to have the privilege of working with a huge array of experts. It’s an enormous domain with multiple task forces all working to push the boundaries in our specialty as we strive to always improve outcomes for our patients.”

Rafa Sádaba – Education Chair

“Education is at the heart of our work and, as Chair of the Education Committee, I am focused on delivering meaningful learning opportunities for our members that enhance skills and expertise to improve clinical practice. EACTS offers our members the very latest science, hands on training and high quality learning from global experts.”

Nabil Hussein – Resident Chair

“It’s a great honour and privilege to be part of the Residents Committee. I never thought when I joined a few years ago that I would be in this position. The position comes with great responsibility, but I am blessed to be working with such a great team.

“We are driving towards increasing the exposure Residents get in EACTS – something that EACTS are supporting us with. Looking to the future, we will be supporting Residents from all over the world, including them in EACTS and demonstrating that we are there for them, we are there to support their training and are open to their ideas.”

After three successful years Rafa Sádaba stepped down as Secretary General and handed over to EACTS’ new Secretary General, Patrick Myers.  

In addition, at the Presidential Dinner on Friday evening, Friedhelm Beyersdorf passed on the Presidential chain to EACTS’ new President Patrick Perier. 

EACTS Council is the decision-making body of EACTS. The Council is responsible for ensuring EACTS complies with its governing document, relevant legislation and best practice guidelines. Members of the EACTS Council have an active role in providing strategic direction to EACTS and setting overall policy and targets. Councillors serve a set term (normally of up to three years). 

We would like to thank the following outgoing Officers and Councillors for their hard work and valued contribution to our organisation.  

  • Mark Hazekamp 
  • Alicja Zientara