Aortic TEVAR Fellowship

Aortic TEVAR Fellowship


  • Grant: €9,000
  • Location: TBC
  • Duration: In-hospital training over a four-six week period and attendance at four highly specialised courses.


The TEVAR Fellowship is sponsored by Terumo Aortic, a global medical device company dedicated to developing solutions for aortic and peripheral vascular disease.



The Aortic TEVAR Fellowship – in partnership with Terumo Aortic – offers the unique opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on endovascular aortic treatment.

The knowledge and experience gained from this Fellowship will help you establish or support endovascular aortic treatment programmes at your home centre.

Fellowship overview

The Aortic TEVAR Fellowship includes a comprehensive education and training programme of five modules – four highly specialised courses that take place in London and Geneva alongside in-hospital training in one of several international, high volume aortic centres.

The specialised courses include lectures on aortic pathologies eligible for endovascular treatment, basic knowledge on catheter techniques, all steps of endovascular aortic treatment, potential complications and the results of endovascular treatment according to the current literature.

Fellows will meet and work with experienced cardiothoracic surgeons and participate in the daily routine of the aortic team as part of the in-house training; giving you the opportunity to practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical courses.

The five modules are:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Aortic Surgery
  • Module 2: Fundamentals Endovascular Skills Course I
  • Module 3. Fundamentals Endovascular Skills Course II
  • Module 4: Skills Course
  • Module 5: In-hospital training in a high-volume aortic centre (four-week stay)

Throughout your Fellowship, you will also receive one-to-one support from the EACTS Fellowship Advisor to ensure you get the most out of this opportunity.

How the Aortic TEVAR Fellowship will advance your surgical education

Following completion of the Fellowship, you will be able to:

  • List aortic pathologies eligible for endovascular treatment
  • Plan an endovascular treatment according to computed tomography imaging
  • Perform fundamental endovascular procedures such as implantation of stent-graft in aortic aneurysm
  • Avoid the most common complications related to endovascular aortic treatment
  • List the indications for endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysm, acute dissection, chronic dissection, penetrating ulceration and aortic rupture
  • Perform measurement of the aorta according to computed tomography imaging using software allowing multiplanar reconstruction
  • Critically evaluate the landing zone for aortic stent-graft according to computed tomography imaging
  • Choose the most appropriate stent-graft according to aortic anatomy
  • Report on recommendations on aortic treatment as outlined in the current guidelines



We offer a €9,000 grant to help with this Fellowship’s associated living and travel costs. Additionally, EACTS will also contribute towards the cost of your attendance at the EACTS Annual Meeting (the largest cardiothoracic meeting in the world).


Application and Selection Criteria

Essential Criteria 

In order to apply for this Fellowship, you must:

  • Be an EACTS member with up-to-date membership payment
  • Be a Resident, Fellow or Surgeon within the first four years after training (specialty degree)
  • Be fluent in English  


Desirable criteria: 

  • Having experience in thoracic aorta surgery as an independent surgeon
  • Possessing vascular catheter skills
  • Having Endovascular facilities at your home centre
  • Possibility of applying the knowledge and abilities acquired during the fellowship in home practice
  • Being able to perform endovascular procedures at your home centre once the skills have been acquired


The following documents must be provided as part of your application:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter of interest detailing the way in which you meet the application criteria, your career aspirations along with your how you are in a position to apply the skills and knowledge obtained during the Fellowship in your own centre
  • Letter of support from head of training/department
  • Operative experience


Application guidance

Please ensure that all documents submitted are written in English, and that they are submitted either as word documents or PDF. We do not accept images or handwritten applications. We are unable to provide advice or guidance about visa applications, so please ensure that you understand the visa requirements before applying for this Fellowship.

Evaluation and feedback

Fellows will complete a report on their experience at the end of the Fellowship, which they will present during the EACTS Annual Meeting.

Francis Fontan Fund

The prestigious Francis Fontan Fund for Education offers an exciting opportunity to advance your surgical education, foster your professional development and learn from the highest standards of cardiothoracic care at some of the most prestigious institutions around the world.

Become a Francis Fontan Fund Fellow and join the global cardiothoracic community. Learn new skills and techniques from experts in their field, share knowledge and expertise around the world and improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient care.

The Francis Fontan Fund for Education global cardiothoracic community

The Francis Fontan Fellowship programme

The Fund is open to EACTS members from all countries and currently supports several different Fellowship schemes specialising in a breadth of cardiothoracic techniques.

The Fund offers three categories of Fellowship: Research, Leadership and Education.

Applications for the 2023-24 Fellowship Programme are open from 1 July 2023 – 1 September 2023, unless specifically stated below. You must apply via the application form located on the specific Fellowship page.


Research Fellowships offer experienced cardiothoracic surgeons a placement in cardiothoracic research.

Leadership Fellowships enable candidates to attend specialist courses and a placement in a clinic specialised in a specific area of cardiothoracic surgery.

Education Fellowships offer candidates early in their surgical career foundational knowledge in a specific aspect of cardiothoracic surgery.

For more information about the Fellowship programme please contact us at [email protected]

How to apply

Applications for the 2023-24 Fellowship Programme are open from 1 July 2023 – 1 September 2023. You must apply via the application form located on the specific Fellowship page.

Applications are subject to a rigorous peer review process, led by world leading EACTS surgeons and overseen by eminent members of the Francis Fontan Fund Committee.

Industry Support

The Fund is very grateful to industry sponsors that support the educational opportunities it offers. If your company is interested in the Fund’s donation process, please email [email protected]

Francis Fontan Fund for Education

Support Francis Fontan Fund fellowships

Your support will drive our Francis Fontan Fund fellowship scheme by providing career changing opportunities for young surgeons and health professionals, many from deprived or lower income regions, to advance their education, foster their professional development and learn from the highest standards of cardiothoracic care at some of the most prestigious institutions around the world.

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Celebrating Francis Fontan

Francis Fontan was a pioneering cardiac surgeon, best known for creating the revolutionary Fontan procedure. Passionate about lifelong learning, Fontan founded the European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery to advance education in the field of cardiothoracic and vascular interventions.

The Francis Fontan Fund was created in his honour, with the intention of celebrating his dedication to lifelong learning.

Francis Fontan