The Association was founded in 1986 and now represents over 3,000 surgeons, perfusionists and allied health professionals across the world.

Our mission is:

  • To advance education in the field of cardiac, thoracic and vascular interventions;
  • To promote and disseminate research into cardiovascular¬† and thoracic physiology, pathology and therapy

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Annual Meeting

EACTS Residents - Enter the EACTS Jeopardy Competition to win a trip to the STS 52nd Annual Meeting in Phoenix, January 2016

During the meeting:
Endoscopic port-access mitral valve repair drylab training using high-fidelity simulators - Find out more


Book now for:
* Transcatheter Aortic and Mitral Valve Interventions
14-15 September, Windsor, UK
* Congenital Heart Disease
27-30 October, Windsor, UK
* Surgical Treatment of Lung Failure
16-18 November, Windsor, UK

* Surgical Treatment of Heart Failure
18-20 November, Windsor, UK

* Hospital Leadership: The Human Factor
23-24 November, Windsor, UK

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