14 Oct 2021

Events in Barcelona get off to a roaring start with Techno College

Cardiothoracic surgeons from across the world were welcomed to Barcelona yesterday with Techno College - an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the latest pioneering technologies and techniques in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

The day was spent exploring new innovations and techniques in valve and minimally invasive surgery and innovations in transcatheter and robotic surgery.

There is still time to get involved in the Annual Meeting – click the link to find out how you can participate virtually over the coming days.

Techno College Innovation Award

Finalists of the Lion’s Den Techno College Innovation Award also presented their innovative ideas, techniques and developments in all areas related to thoracic and cardiovascular research to the audience and expert panel.

This year’s winner of the Techno College Innovation Award was:

Hazem Fallouh, UK

Pericardial device to monitor cardiac output and diagnose tamponade in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

On receiving the award, Hazem said:

Winning the Techno College Innovation Award is surreal. I’ve watched this session in admiration over the years and I’ve always aspired to be an innovator. I was honoured to be a finalist so to go one step further and win the award means a lot.

The award is a rubber stamp that demonstrates that this technology does resonate with peers and colleagues and is a major boost for developing this technology further.”