Cristiano Amarelli

Cristiano Amarelli graduated in 1998 as a medical doctor at the Second University od Maple. In 2003 he graduated as a cardiac surgeon. After finishing his residency in cardiac surgery, John completed his training focused on aortic valve surgery, aortic surgery and Transplantation and MCS that gradually becomes his main interest. Currently, he is a Staff Surgeon at the Monaldi Hospital, Azienda Ospedaliera dei Colli and Adjunct Professor at the Vanvitelli Faculty of Medicine for the residency course in Cardiac Surgery on the Mechanical Circulatory Support. His areas of interest are Myocardial Preservation, Clinical implementation of LVADs in the local program and dono allocation in Heart Transplant. During the last 10 years he worked with ESOT to develop an European network for Cardiothoracic transplant professionals (ECTTA) and with the ASAIO becoming editor of the Journal and Board of Trustees. He is active reviewer for many Journals and Meetings in the field.