François Montagne

Dr. François Montagne is a thoracic surgeon at the Valenciennes Hospital, the largest general hospital in France. He is mainly practising minimally invasive thoracic surgery, including robotic thoracic surgery – RATS and also video thoracoscopic surgery – VATS for mainly lung resections but also mediastinal tumours, and diaphragm plication.

François has received a solid training in VATS and RATS from Prof. Jean-Marc Baste as a resident and a fellow and was also mentored by Dr. Marion Durand.

Thanks to his solid training in minimally invasive surgery, VATS and RATS, François is involved in numerous international courses to transmit and communicate on the theoretical and practical knowledge about VATS and RATS at IRCAD – Strasbourg – in the French Bootcamp-SFCTCV simulation seminars, and during the ESTS Beginner course in RATS in Amsterdam with the support of Intuitive. He is also involved in the ESTS Robotic Working Group.

François is the first author and co-author of many papers and communications in peer reviewed international journals and meetings about minimally invasive surgery and is editor and reviewer of international journals.

Dr. François Montagne is also interested and working in non-technical aspects of surgery and non-technical skills dealing with imaging-guided surgery, surgical safety concerns, communication, medical pedagogy and medical databases.

Thoracic Robotic Surgery Task Force Member 2024-2027