Gry Dahle

Gry Dahle graduated from the University of Bergen and had her training in cardiac surgery at Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS).  She is now a consultant at the Department of cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery, Rikshospitalet, OUS.  Gry is active in the surgical transcatheter programme at OUS and is the PI for Tendyne study in Norway.  She is Director (Europe) of ISMICS.  Gry is a member of the New Technology Committee in EACTS, serves the EBCTS Level 2 Examiners committee and arranged courses in TAVI at the EACTS Annual Meeting 2016 and 2017.  She is currently the President of the Norwegian Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  Her main interests are new technology, valves, imaging and VAD and she is highly interested in how to educate the cardio-thoracic surgeon.

Heart Failure Task Force Member