John Conibear

John Conibear completed his undergraduate medical studies in the University Hospital of Wales before completing his post-graduate clinical oncology training in St. Bartholomew’s, Southend, Queens and Mount Vernon Hospitals. Before his consultant appointment in St. Bartholomew’s Hospital he conducted his research in Mount Vernon and the Royal Marsden Hospital where his research focused on improving clinician target outlining during radiotherapy planning. Dr Conibear specialises in all aspects of treatment for both breast and lung cancers. He has particular expertise in chemotherapy, biological therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and new radiotherapy techniques including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), 4D-CT and Cyberknife. He currently uses state-of-the-art radiotherapy techniques in all aspects of his oncology practise. He utilises a treatment technique called deep-inspiration breath-hold to minimise the radiation dose received by the heart when treating left-sided breast cancers. He also uses 4D-CT planning to treat lung cancers and the advanced Cyberknife system to eradicate early lung cancers without the need for surgery.