Paul Whitaker

Dr Paul Whitaker is a Respiratory Consultant from the UK with a specialist interest in bronchiectasis and pulmonary infections. He graduated from the University of Leeds, UK and now works as a consultant at LeedsTeaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Over the last ten years he has developed
a research interest in drug hypersensitivity, particularly in the field of non-immediate antibiotic hypersensitivity reactions and drug desensitisation. He completed his research degree, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, UK, on the topic of non-immediate antibiotic reactions in patients with cystic fibrosis. During this time, his published work included the responses of drug specific T cells in-vitro as well as exploring the haptenantigens.
He co-authored the UK NICE guidelines on drug allergy and is an active member of the EAACI Drug Hypersensitivity Drug Interest Group. Within EAACI he has co-authored guidelines on drug desensitisation, in-vitro testing in drug allergy, and the management of beta-lactam allergy. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications related to drug allergy and inflammatory responses in patients with respiratory diseases