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1430-1600 – Practical Approach to Challenging Aortic Valve Surgery

 1130-1215 – Presidential Address

0945-1115 – Da Vinci Session
1145-1324 – Trial Updates Session

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EACTS Live Schedule

The following sessions will be streamed live from the Auditorium at this years’ 32nd EACTS Annual Meeting.

A practical approach to aortic valve repair 

Professional Challenge

Moderator(s) : R. De PaulisRomeR. SádabaPamplona

To understand the  indications for aortic valve repair in patients with aortic regurgitation
To select the appropriate surgical treatment and technique in these patients
To discuss pitfalls and complications of these techniques and how to deal with them

14:15 – Guidelines: are they clear on indications and timing – J. SjogrenLund

14:30 – Echocardiography: how to give accurate indications to the surgeon – M. Van DyckWoluwe-Saint-Lambert

14:45 – Standard surgical steps to repair an aortic valve – live-in-a-box – M. BoodhwaniOttawa

15:05 – Standard surgical steps to repair a bicuspid valve – live-in-a-box – J. VojacekHradec Kralove

15:30 – Aortic valve leaflet reconstruction using autologous pericardium guided by virtual reality image evaluation of the aortic root – T. TedoriyaAgeoK. KamiyaAgeoY. GatateAgeoT. MiyauchiAgeoM. Fukuzumi, AgeoY. YasushiKawagoe

15:45 – BREAK

16:00 – When not to repair and what to do when the repair fails – live-in-a-box – J. BavariaPhiladelphia

16:15 – Unexpected complications in valve sparing – L. De KerchoveWoluwe-Saint-Lambert

16:30 – A critical appraisal of the need for annuloplasty – H.J. SchäfersHomburg/Saar

16:35 – What do we want to achieve to optimize the long-term results of a valve sparing procedure – L. GirardiNew York

16:40 – Whats the role for TAVI – D. HolzheyLeipzig

16:55 – Small cusp size is a limitation for aortic valve repair? – T. KomiyaKurashikiS. TakeshiKurashikiM. NonakaKurashiki-shiT. MatsuoKurashiki-shi

17:10 – Comparison of root hemodynamics and configuration after valve preserving root replacement in a pulsatile flow moc loop – M. SekiMibu-machiT. KuniharaTokyoK. IwasakiTokyoK. SasakiTokyoH. SekiYamatoH. FukudaMIbu-machi

Trial update – ART, IMPAG and MITRA FR & COAPT

Focus Session


Moderator(s) : N. FreemantleLondon, S. FremesToronto, S. WindeckerBern, S. LimBirmingham, J. BraunLeiden

Objectives :

This session is designed by the EACTS Analytical Support Unit, a collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology at University College London, UK.

After presentation of the trials by the authors, an in-depth analysis of the methods and results by Professor Freemantle will be followed by a debate on implications for current practice and current and future research and extensive Q&A from the audience.


Part 1: The ART trial

10:00 The ART trial: definitive results – D. TaggartOxford

10:10 The trialist view – N. FreemantleLondon

10:15 Implications for current practice – S. FremesToronto

10:20 Discussion


Part 2: The IMPAG Trial

10:35 The IMPAG Trial – D. GlineurOttawa

10:50 Discussion


Part 3: MITRAFr and COAPT

11:00 MITRAFr and COAPT – J.-F. ObadiaLyon

11:10 The trialist view – N. FreemantleLondon

11:15 Discussion

Managing patients with multi-vessel disease in the modern era

Professional Challenge

Organizer(s) : Coronary Surgery

Moderator(s) : M. GaudinoNew YorkD. TaggartOxford 
Panellist(s) : O. BertrandLavalF. CreaRomeS. FremesTorontoC. SpadaccioGlasgowR. TranbaughNew YorkA. ZientaraZürich

Discuss the evidence on the medical, percutaneous and surgical management of patients with multivessel disease in an extended Heart Team setting

08:15 – The 2018 ESC/EACTS guidelines on myocardial revascularization – M. Sousa UvaLisboa
08:30 – Do we revascularize too much? The role of medical therapy – F. CreaRome
08:45 – New advances in PCIO. BertrandLaval
09:00 – Conduit selection: New evidence for an old story – M. GaudinoNew York
09:15 – CABG controversies: OPCABG, flowmeter, and more – S. FremesToronto
 09:30 – CABG vs PCI in acute coronary syndromes – S. HeadRotterdam
09:45 – BREAK
10:00 – Live heart team from the Catholic University of Rome – G. A. LanzaRomeM. MassettiRome
10:45 – Improving early outcomes after CABG – T. SchwannToledo
11:00 – The skeletons in the closet: graft failure, stroke, mediastinitis – F. BakaeenCleveland
11:15 – Coronary revascularization is a palliative procedure: importance of optimal medical therapy and follow-up – A. KulikBoca Raton

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