Thoracic Surgery Foundation & Francis Fontan Fund International Travelling Fellowship in Partnership with The Latin American Association of Cardiac and Endovascular Surgery

Following the success of the Thoracic Surgery Foundation & Francis Fontan Fund International Travelling Fellowship, EACTS and TSF are expanding to partner with the Latin American Association of Cardiac and Endovascular Surgery (LACES). This unique and prestigious Fellowship supports the advancement of cardiothoracic surgical care through the sharing of clinical experiences across the global cardiothoracic community.
  • Education


  • Grant:


  • Location:


  • Duration:

    2 months

  • Start Date:

    From January 2025

Fellowship Overview

The Fellowship fosters the continued growth and development of cardiothoracic surgeons by providing members of the Latin America Association of Cardiac and Endovascular Surgery the chance to learn from the highest standards of cardiothoracic care in Europe and North America, and gain knowledge of novel techniques and innovative technologies used by other institutes around the world.

The purpose of this international travelling Fellowship is to facilitate the continuing education of a deserving senior trainee or a new faculty interested in completing their training and filling possible gaps in their knowledge or abilities as they develop into a young faculty surgeon.

Successful applicants will use the valuable learnings and collaborative relationships developed through the Fellowship to further the progress of cardiothoracic surgery at their home institution in South America and support the delivery of the highest quality patient care.


An award of €8,000 for 2 months will be granted to cover the travel and living expenses for the Fellowship period. In addition, you will receive free registration to both the EACTS Annual Meeting and the STS Annual Meeting, along with a travel bursary to attend both meetings.

Application and Selection

In order to apply for this fellowship there are some essential criteria you must meet:

  • Be a LACES member
  • Be fluent in English

You will be asked to provide the following information as part of your application:

  • Biographical Information
  • Personal Goal
  • Career Goal
  • Education Environment at Host Institution
  • Mentor/Convenor Information

In order to complete your application, you must submit the following documents*:

  • Applicant CV
  • Mentor CV: Restricted to one page CV / biography / NIH Biosketch / or equivalent
  • Letter of Support from Mentor: The letter should confirm: (a) the availability of adequate training environment/educational experience that will provide the proposed training, and (b) his or her agreement to serve as mentor.
  • Letter of interest detailing the way in which you meet the above application criteria, along with your career aspirations, as well as how you believe the Fellowship will impact your career.
  • Budget (approximate breakdown of funding costs)

*Please ensure that all documents submitted are written in English, and that they are submitted either as word documents or PDF. We do not accept images or handwritten applications.  We are unable to provide advice or guidance about visa applications, so please ensure that you understand the visa requirements before applying for this Fellowship.

Evaluation and Feedback

At the end of the Fellowship, the Fellows will produce a full report on their experience based on the Francis Fontan Fund Committee guidelines.

Terms and Conditions