Vasileios Kouritas

Mr Kouritas is a Consultant in Thoracic Surgery at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, Norwich, United Kingdom. His area of expertise includes amongst others Lung cancer, pleural and mediastinal pathology, chest wall and diaphragm surgery with a special interest in Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery. Mr Kouritas is leading the department’s robotic surgery program and has switched to solely robotic surgery since June 2021.

Mr Kouritas is actively involved with clinical and basic research. His PhD thesis involved basic research on pleural physiology. He has published numerous research publications on pleural transportation and physiology as well as their extrapolation to animal models. He has participated in the writing of a relevant chapter in Shield’s Textbook of Thoracic Surgery amongst other chapters in books. He has also numerous clinical publications on different aspects of thoracic and thoracic surgery pathology. He is serving as the research lead of the Thoracic Surgery department.

Mr Kouritas is participating in numerous leadership and quality improvement projects within his department and organization after completing a master’s degree in business administration.