Bernd Niemann

Dr. Bernd Niemann is the senior physician in charge of cardiac surgery at the Clinic for Cardiac, Children’s Heart and Vascular Surgery. From the clinical focus on heart failure therapy and myocardial dysfunction, he addresses translational research projects in myocardial remodeling and therapeutic reverse remodeling. Here, the application and multicenter international evaluation of the clinical results of mechanical cardiac support systems on the one hand, and direct myocardial therapy addressing on the other hand, are a special focus. Aging itself, metabolic dysregulation, obesity and diabetes mellitus as well as pathogenic organ interactions offer therapeutic additive approaches that can improve the perioperative outcome of cardiac surgery patients. The working group includes clinical university physicians and natural scientists. Dr. Niemann is a member of the DGHTHG, the DGK and the EACTS, editor of The Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon reports and supports the promotion of young talent through course management on behalf of the DGTHG and within the framework of the DGTHG-DFG junior academies. His research is supported by industrial funding, DFG-funding and funding of the German Heart Foundation.